Transformers Powermaster Ironhide

Name: Ironhide
Series: Transformers Powermaster
Company: Hasbro


I’m not sure when or where this was added to the toy box, but quite recently, I wanted to compare it to one of the current transformers so I dug deep and found the long missing Powermaster Ironhide.

Alt Mode

Powermaster Ironhide

Ironhide side view

Ironhide front and back

Ironhide top and bottom view

The Powermaster Ironhide is one of those pull-back and it scoots off cars (or hummer in this case). The gimmick of the powermaster line-up (or at least for this one) is that if the weapons are taken off the top of the vehicle, the vehicle does not move forward if pulled back. The weapons need to be inserted into the top of the alt mode to make it go forward. The colours are good, though the fluorescent green windows look odd.


Transformation is way simple, even when compared to most Legend class of today.

Robot Mode

Ironhide bot mode guns

You feeling lucky, punk?

Ironhide bot mode guns

Ironhide face-off

The only articulation that Ironhide has is thanks to the transformation joints. The same ‘weapons in pegs to get him moving’ applies to this mode as well, and he doesn’t really have feet, just the back half of the vehicle. He can hold the guns in his hands or in the pegs.

In conclusion, Ironhide was pretty impressive for his day, but seems highly dated compared to what comes out today.


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