Transformers HFTD Scout Brimstone

Name: Brimstone (Decepticon)
Series: Transformers Hunt for the Decepticons (HFTD) (Scout class)
Company: Hasbro
Price: Rs 325

Note: Brimstone was the silent volunteer for testing different light sources for photography and that shows in the photos that follow. Apologies in advance if you find that visually jarring!

Alt Mode

brimstone alt mode

brimstone alt mode front and back

brimstone alt mode

Yeah, I love his bike alt mode!


Brimstone has probably the neatest looking alt and bike mode I’ve seen. The only ‘give away’ is the oval head at the rear, but that’s pretty minor compared to the rest of the details on the bike. The wheel and handle bars don’t turn. There’s a functional kickstand that helps him… well… stand. And finally, thanks to the transformation, Brimstone’s handlebars and front wheels come with a ‘variable angle’ feature, namely, you can minorly alter the wheelbase / ground clearance by moving the front wheel forks forward (upwards) or back (downwards)


Bot mode


brimstome bot mode

brimstone bot mode front view

brimstone bot mode back and side view

brimstone bot mode hand

Is that supposed to be an opposable thumb for his buzz saw fingers or is that really his hand?

Brimstone has a badass looking bot mode… sure he’s skinny, but he’s a bike and its so much better not having panels all over his body like other cars scouts. He has decent legs that help him stand quite easily and has decent articulation to pull off some good action poses. The only downer in my opinion is his weird hands (which do look like buzz saws) which might not appeal to fists / normal hands fans. Oh yeah, there’s a small black part that can be flipped out in the bot mode from under the mud guard from the front wheel which does not seem to serve any purpose other than ‘another thing to move and add to the transformation.

Aand Action!

brimstone bot mode action pose

brimstone bot mode action pose

brimstone bot mode action pose

brimstone bot mode action pose

And this one's my favourite, high kick!

Of the three scouts I have, Brimstone scores with a good bot mode and alt mode, though he does spends most of his time in his alt mode.


2 responses

  1. Jigsaw

    This is the first time I saw a bike transformer! Good job with the lighting experimentation.. and the front view of the bot does make him look … as you called it… BADASS!!!

    December 9, 2010 at 2:39 pm

  2. Ludo

    this is actually one of the better bike bots… wait till you see how chromia turned out 😛 he does look badass and has a mean bike mode too 😀

    December 10, 2010 at 1:15 pm

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