Visa Chrono Vintage Car

Name: Citroen Visa Chrono
Scale: 1:52
Company: Majorette
Birthplace: France

The Visa Chrono is the Companion car to the Racer that featured earlier on this blog.

Citroen Visa Chrono

If the Racer was the Bad Guy, the Chrono was the Chosen One… the Hero! Sometimes, it would be the police car which would arrive on the scene to drive off the trouble makers, while at others times it would be double up as the Hero’s drive to teach a lesson to all those up to no good.

Citroen Visa Chrono FRONT n BACK

Most plots in my childhood fantasies involved an elaborate car chase (around table edges and chair arms), culminating in a slow motion drop over a “cliff” edge and a grand explosion!  (which is reason enough for the sorry state these scale models are in!)

The Visa Chrono was a popular rally car in the early 80’s as it was lightweight and four wheel driven. But I have always wondered how that huge luggage boot belongs to a rally car? 😉

Citroen Visa Chrono SIDES

Thanks to Zappadong on Flickr, I found what this car would have looked like in its younger days.

Visa Chrono Original


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