Transformers ROTF Deluxe Sideways

Name: Sideways (Decepticon)
Series: Transformers ROTF (Deluxe class)
Company: Hasbro
Price: Rs 499

I picked up Sideways along with Sideswipe, both being silver cars and on opposite sides, I thought they’d be good fun to pose together…

Alt Mode

sideways front and rear

The mode is designed to look like a ‘modified’ Audi  R8 so as to avoid copyright problems (Since the transformers feature only GM cars). While the car does look good, it doesn’t look as good as Sideswipe, probably because the front grille and bumper doesn’t look anything like how real cars would look (it looks like its pointing upwards as against pointing downwards as most production cars would have it). I lost one of the window panels during an outdoor shoot in failing light and couldn’t locate the missing part once it got dark. I was tempted to replace sideways, but then I changed my mind.

Bot Mode

sideways bot mode

sideways bot mode front and back

sideways side view

sideways light piping

As soon as I transformed Sideways for the first time, I spotted an uncanny resemblance with Johnny Bravo (barrel torso, beefy arms… and tiny legs) [trust that explains Johnny Bravo’s pic in the middle of this post 😀 which I got from here:]. For the pros, his light piping effect works a lot better than Sideswipe’s, but the ‘backpack’ kibble comes in the way and so you’ve got to shine the light at a particular angle to get it to work. (in fact, I’ve used it for all his bot photos). There are plenty of complains about his bot mode. First of all… that red… its so out of place with the look IMHO. Secondly, his diaper look (which another decepticon has too, whom I will review later this week). And last but not least… his feet. For the longest time, I thought those piddly little black things at the end of his leg are his feet and had hell trying to get him to stand, let alone pose. Then after much fidgeting, I arrived at the conclusion that that part is just meant to be his ‘toes’ and not his foot. If you actually use this wheels as his heels, you can get him to stand more stably, but posing is still out of the question (for me at least). Overall, the bot mode is skinny in some places and bulked in others, kinda like Johnny Bravo IMO.

Aand Action!

sideways action pose

sideways action pose

That’s about it. Despite having a buzzsaw on the arm for a weapon, there’s only so many poses you can put him in. His legs and feet don’t help much…

With Sideswipe

sideways with sideswipe alt mode

sideways with sideswipe alt mode

sideways with sideswipe bot mode

sideways with sideswipe bot mode

In conclusion, Sideways and Sideswipe make a good if not a tongue-twisting pair. Good alt modes but the terrible leg / feet design kill the bot mode quite a bit, especially if you’re struggling to get them to stand, and even then, they can be a bit unstable compared to more ‘stable-footed’ transformers. They usually spend their time in alt mode.


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