January loot

Managed to snag these two over the 2 weekends of January (nothing this weekend… yet) Only managed to get around to shooting this now coz of non-availability of my camera. Anyways, here goes…


Found this as quite a surprise while I was at a shop with The Girlfriend… The price tag puts its date of import as 02/2009! Since I’m a Batman fan (I did watch that series, but I prefer the current Batman [Batman Begins and The Dark Knight] to the days of camp [of Adam West and Burt Ward]) it was hard to pass over this even though I’m not a bit Hotwheels / cars fan.

Transformers ROTF Lockdown

And then the following week, it was another car I had all but given up hope on getting… Transformers ROTF Lockdown. Not surprising then that I found this one too in a shop close to The Girlfriend’s house. Now if only WFC Soundwave and HA Jazz would turn up like that magically…

In other news, I’ve finally finished the picture for the WFC Prime review… that should be up by Tuesday next week… see you then and have a great weekend 🙂


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