Transformers Generations WFC Optimus Prime

Name: Optimus Prime (Autobot)
Series: Transformers Generations, War for Cybertron (Deluxe class)
Company: Hasbro
Price: Rs 599


This Optimus Prime comes from the War for Cybertron game. I haven’t played it, but the design was an interesting departure from the regular Optimus’s I’ve been seeing. Jigsaw actually spotted this first but didn’t pick it up because the design wasn’t to his liking, but me, I like OP so a new variant seemed right. Reviews all over compare him to his ‘wavemate’ and ‘comic sidekick’ WFC Bumblebee. Scale wise compared to each other, it seems all wrong, but here’s Prime soloing it out in this review…


Alt Mode

When I look at this verison of Prime, he’s so far away from the regular truck modes I’ve seen that I almost think of him as some Cybertronian hotrod… Maybe if he had the scale / size (read Voyager class), he’d look more like a cybertronian truck… looks like they have some sleek trucks out there! Given the low ground clearance and the fact that his head is out in the open underneath, I have some apprehensions about rolling him out on the floor…

He comes with his blaster / cannon which can be stowed on the top in alt mode. The ‘wraped-up’ version is spring-loaded and will pop open at the slightest pressure. Thankfully, it can also be mounted in deployed mode…


Folded / wraped-up mode cannon


The cannon can also be mounted opened-up. The cannon can rotate 360 degs, but cannot move up / down



This Prime has one of the most complex transformations I’ve seen. I still can’t do it without the instructions and in terms of twists and turns, would probably be more complex than Leader Class ROTF Prime too (IMHO). Once you’ve transformed him, you have this…


Bot mode

Unlike the ROTF Prime who looks tall and lanky (IMO), this Prime looks bulky and powerful, either heavily armoured oy just plain powerful. He sports a pretty massive gun too, though not as massive as WFC Megatron, which makes me wonder how a shootout between the two of them would turn out… Unlike the recent Primes (Movieverse and Transformers: Prime), this version had a dedicated gun and does not ‘grow’ / morph it out of his hands. On to the 360…


One of the reasons I like this version of Prime is that his feet are not some vital part of the alt mode (Both Voyager and Leader class have his front engine / radiator grille as the lower surface of his feet. Given the finer detail there, I keep worrying that placing those Primes on rough / unforgiving surfaces will ruin the front grille of those Primes, more so if you have the chromed out Buster Prime…)

Like the alt mode, there’s space to stow his gun when not in use (in his hand) and it looks something like this…


I took just 1 pic before removing it… it looks plain weird… The implementation in WFC Bumblebee is better, but then his gun is also smaller…


As pointed out by many reviewers and players of the game, this Prime has the Autobot logo ’embossed’ on his back… However, since his ‘hood’ is up in bot mode, its invisible unless you pull that part down.


A gripe of mine regarding this figure is his forearms… Since his hands are stored there during the transformation, he has a huge hollow space in his Popeye-ish arms. The Voyager class Battle Blades Optimus Prime handles this problem quite nicely, too bad this one doesn’t have that feature… maybe its because of the scale… however, this little ‘bug’ has its own advantages that I’ll highlight in a later post.



Given the complex transformation and the bulky look, you’d think he was ‘Brick’-imus Prime, but once you’ve explored the joints, he can do quite a few things earlier transformers in this class couldn’t… Like the kneeling down pose… it actually looks quite natural!


And of course… the Split!


Aand Action!

Pierce the heavens

Pierce the heavens!



depth of field… urrgh…


He has good lightpiping, but you need to get the angle right for the source… get that and the eyes light up quite nicely as above 😀


In conclusion…

This Prime is a scale collectors nightmare, worse yet if you’re a Prime collector who loves his scales! By itself, its a great representation of Prime, though the non-truck-looking alt mode might make him a bit hard to digest! Despite of quite a few drawbacks (including displaying him with other WFC figures like Bee), I like this version of Prime and the combination of a bulked up Prime with different alt mode makes him must-buy for me.



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