Transformers Happy Meal Animated Optimus Prime

Name: Optimus Prime (Autobot)
Series: Transformers Animated (McDonald’s Happy Meal toy)
Company: Hasbro

It was a pretty random day when I spotted the new toys at the McDonald’s, and it was Transformers and I think, Littlest Pet Shop. Since there’s only so much of unhealthy food I can consume, and The Girlfriend prefering the LPS, and of course, being mainly a Prime fan, this was the only toy I got from the Transformers series.

Alt Mode


Its a Happy Meal toy so the transformation is actually simpler than most legend class toys. At the end, you get…

Bot mode:

Aand Action!

… Not…

In Conclusion:

Being a Happy Meal toy, there’s not much in terms of what this Prime can do, except look straight ahead in a heroic ‘attention!’ pose, and roll around on his little wheels. His only articulation comes from the transformation joints. However, he does make a good piece to have around the computer to fiddle around with while the sluggish Indian internet struggles to load pages.


One response

  1. The bot mode is quite impressive for a toy of this scale… especially that stoic expression!
    And this was a fantastic series on Optimus Prime. Hope to see some more 🙂

    January 21, 2011 at 9:46 am

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