Transformers ROTF Deluxe Lockdown

Name: Lockdown (Decepticon)
Series: Transformers Revenge of the Fallen (NEST Alliance) (Deluxe class)
Company: Hasbro
Price: Rs 499

I had actually seen Lockdown a long time ago, but didn’t get him thanks to mixed feelings about his alt mode looks. TBH after all the Fast and Furious and the NFS’s, its tough to look at any car and not want them to look like street racers. A few reviews revealed a tall, lanky looking bot with good articulation. What really sold me on the alt mode though was watching a Jason Statham movie, Death Race, its a breed of car completely difference from the fast cars of the other car movies. However, by then, he had vanished from the stores šŸ˜¦ That was last year

It wasn’t until early in January this year, when I dropped by a small ‘gift’ store near The Girlfriend’s house that I spotted this bad boy. It was an instant purchase. On to the review!

Alt Mode

Lockdown alt front

Lockdown is packaged in his alt mode and once you’ve opened the box, you are greeted by one bad ass car! Let’s take a look…

lockdown alt straight

lockdown alt front top

lockdown alt rear

lockdown alt side

lockdown alt view

Compared to any of the carformers I’ve seen till date, this one has got be be the one with the most detailing, and with the post paint apps for the detailing! Whoever designed Lockdown is either (a) a fan of Lockdown, (b) pays attention to detail, or (c) just loves cars like this, given all the gold and silver detailing. The car itself is a dark brown plastic.


This transformation reminds me of leader and voyager class Prime, in the sense that the whole length of the vehicle becomes the legs! This translates into a really tall bot mode, towering over most deluxes (if not all the deluxes that I have, but I’ll have to check that) and is probably the same height as the voyagers.

Bot Mode

lockdown bot eye

Yup, once you’ve done the transformation, you’re greeted by one bad ass robot. And his height just adds to the look.

lockdown bot

the standard 360…

lockdown bot front back

lockdown bot side


The brilliance of the alt mode is carried onto the bot mode with some seriously good articulation, however, ahl iz not well…

If you look at the above pics, you’ll notice that Lockdown goes with the asymmetrical look. Legs are symmetrical, but the hips onwards up to his shoulders is asymmetrical. One of the downers of this ‘look’ is that the rear fender that forms his rear ‘skirt’ is asymmetrical as well. This presents a problem. His right hip gets ‘encased’ in the rear fender, which allows for little to no outward movement, unlike his left hip which can go out almost 90 degrees to the straight leg. This means that every pose you want to put him in, his right hip cannot move out… Solution? Unpeg his waist tab so that the crotch comes forward, bringing his hip joint ahead of the fender casing. This brings the right hip to full articulation like the left, but leaves him a bit… ‘unhinged’, i.e. a slight crouching posture, which is not really a problem given his height.

Another problem is his hands… given his height and his alt mode, some part gets scrawny and for Lockdown, its his arms. They are so ‘thin’, they remind me of ROTF Ransack’s arms! Another grouch is that the forearm is longer than the arm (the biceps area), which means that even if you flex the elbow for some poses, it looks like he’s holding his whole arm straight. The door kibble of the alt mode does not help with this illusion.

lockdown unhinge the hip

Unhinge the waist and are you even using those elbows?


Aand Action!

lockdown emp and hook

emp cannon and hook


lockdown the hand

the hand


lockdown action blaster



lockdown action kung fu

kung fu fighting


lockdown action clip-em-with-the-hook

clip 'em with the hook


lockdown action bring it on

"Bring it on"

lockdown action talk to the hand

Talk to the hand

lockdown light piping

Light piping

In Conclusion

Lockdown verdict

Despite the problems with the bot mode, Lockdown shines in the posing department. The talon toes look great and thankfully there’s a swivel there to allow you to move the foot side-to-side so that he does not end up with unmovable blocks for feet (like the current voyager Ironhide). He’s very posable in bot mode, though the turbo-charger cannon doesn’t look like it’ll pack much of a punch (He’s apparently stolen it from Ratchet and from what I’ve heard, Ratchet can use the cannon too, though I’m only unsure if the Ratchet in question is the voyager one or the deluxe one. If it is the deluxe one, then… goodbye scales!)

The soft rubber claw is really a drag in the alt mode, which means it doesn’t lock in properly on the underbelly (the joint is fine, but the soft plastic / rubber is prone to warping / distortion which causes it to bend floorwards) which is not a problem since my carformers rarely go zipping around on the floor.

All in all, highly recommended for badass-ness!


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