Transformers Generations WFC Soundwave

Name: Soundwave (Decepticon)
Series: Transformers Generations, War for Cybertron (Deluxe class)
Company: Hasbro
Price: Rs 599

Since I managed to snag both WFC OP and WFC BB, I’ve been itching to get WFC Soundwave as well. However, given the way waves hit our shores here, its never certain when what will hit the stores, and what stores for that matter! After much hunting, it was only at the end of Jan that I found Soundwave. Here’s the review…

Alt Mode

WFC Soundwave

We go from one badass, to the other badass… 🙂 I love the armoured car / SUV look of Soundwave, and especially more, the Jaws!

soundwave alt front and back

Why are those 'tail lights' so low? 😦


Soundwave alt side view

Deploying guns !

Soundwave alt guns deployed

Soundwave alt mode guns out

There’s something good and something bad about the alt mode. Its great the way the weapons can be stashed and deployed! Its actually more useable that WFC BB and looks much better than Prime too (His weapon actually makes him look less like a Cybertronian truck and more like a Cybertronian pick-up / topkick (or whatever Movie Ironhide’s alt mode is called). However, the alt mode has quite a few gaps and the worse part is that the gaps let you look right through the model, not like other tformers who’s gaps let you see the insides. I’m not sure if its because if I’ve not done the transformation properly or whether this really is a ‘feature’ of the model.

The guns can tab into the side of the ‘car’ as seen in the photos. Since the tab is round, the guns can move up and down, but that’s about it for the articulation. No movement inwards or outwards.


The transformation is simple enough when you compare it to WFC OP. The feet are the roof, the shins are the rear, the torso is the ‘windscreen’ and the shoulderpads are the part between windscreen and roof.

Bot mode

Soundwave bot mode

Soundwave bot mode full shot

The shoulder cannon pegs in via the same round tab into round slot, so while the cannon can be moved left and right (as far as the head / shoulder armour will allow), it cannot be lowered or elevated. On to the 360…

Soundwave bot 360 degree view

Soundwave bot angles

The only real ‘pointless’ kibble are the 2 wheels that hang off his lower back. Thanks to the joints, they can either be positioned ‘V’ shaped (like above) or flattened against his bag… In my copy, one of the 2 joints for the wheels is loose so they don’t really stay in the position you left them in. The gun can be held in either hand. When you open Soundwave from the box, this is how he appears (I don’t recall how the rear wheels were positioned tho).


Soundwave bot mode arm articulation

Ok, that's a really blurry picture but you get the idea... right? 😦


Soundwave bot mode - kneeling

He has the most natural looking kneeling pose compared to anything in my current collection!


Soundwave bot the split

Splits are no problem!

If the above images are any indication, Soundwave seems to have the best articulation I’ve seen from a transformer. The key to this is his transformation. Most of his joints also have a part to play in his transformation, that’s why his elbow can bend much more than the usual 90 degrees of other tformers. Again, thanks to the transformation requirements, he can move his ankles a lot too, which makes a kneeling pose a piece of cake for Soundwave! The only grouch I have against this mold is that the head can only rotate, there’s no up or down movement (its actually flush against the torso, i.e. there’s no neck).

Aand action!

Soundwave bot action pose 1

Soundwave bot action

Soundwave bot dual wield

Why keep on the shoulder what you can wield in your hand... ?

Soundwave Bot mode John Woo style

Soundwave, John Woo style!

Dual wield action continues…

Soundwave bot shooting both sides

Soundwave bot lock and load

Locked and loaded

Soundwave bot in my sights

In my sights...

Secret Mode: Boombox mode

Soundwave Boombox mode

This is the mode most of the fans were looking forward to, the boombox mode. Soundwave’s alt mode in the original series was a mini-cassette, complete with ‘tapes’ that were his minions. This mode is as most people will acknowledge, a tribute to that mode. Also, its a mode from the War For Cybertron game as well.

In Conclusion

Soundwave Bot Verdict

Soundwave is a very good mold. The copy I got had extremely floppy hip joints for a new toy (right out of the box actually). In fact, it was practically impossible for me to get him to do the highkick pose, even if his feet will balance his mass, his hips just won’t allow his legs to hold any pose that goes against gravity and does not have friction with a solid surface to back it up (I’ve heard this complaint on another website, but I forgot to save the link… I’ll update it once i find it again).

Apart from the annoyance, Soundwave is a pretty good figure. While he won’t be staring down autobots or looking up to Megatron any time soon in this mold (without moving his torso… movie Batman style), his dual guns will allow you to pull off many John Woo inspired poses, just don’t expect him to do high kicks or fly through the air with his legs in any other position than pointing straight down…


2 responses

  1. daniel

    On my Soundwave, one of the front wheel/shoulder joint pins is making it so that when in alt-mode, the wheel is actually touching the wheelwell/shoulder armor, preventing freewheel spin. But I must admit, the hip joints are stiff. I wonder if anybody got one without a defect…

    March 1, 2011 at 10:34 am

    • I pulled out my soundwave and checked it… there’s very little gap between the wheel and the and the ‘wheelwell’, but the don’t touch so the wheels are free wheeling. however, i also spotted that there’s no real ‘locking mechanism’ for the wheels, so there’s no one position in which they are supposed to hold. if i try to push the wheels all the way in, they lodge against the upper-front wheelwell and don’t move. so i figure if you keep it so that the wheel teeth (armour projection in front of the wheels) parallel to the ‘jaw-bumper/fender’ (like so:, there’s enough space for the wheels to roll freely. (like so:

      March 2, 2011 at 12:38 pm

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