Matchbox TrooP Carrier

Name: TrooP Carrier
Designer: Unknown
Scale: 1:64
Manufacturer: Matchbox
Price: Unknown

This was one of the toys left behind when the nephews came a-visiting. Shot it before I return it. I really liked the way this car has been ‘weathered’ with the traces of ‘mud’ on the body paint of the car and the completely brown underbelly and tyres. I don’t know much about this car except that from the front, it looks like a Mahindra Scorpio, and the name on the underbelly does not mean much to me. On to the pictures!

Matchbox TrooP Carrier Front

Matchbox TrooP Carrier front

Matchbox TrooP Carrier rear

Matchbox TrooP Carrier top view


Since it already came with some mud on it, I decided to put it in some more mud… my laziness / lack of time meant that I went as far as getting a potted plant…


Matchbox TrooP Carrier in the pot 1

Matchbox TrooP Carrier in the pot 2


One response

  1. Like the mud splatter !!!!

    February 9, 2011 at 9:54 am

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