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Transformers ROTF Legend Class Ironhide

ironhide bot mode head

Ironhide is one of my favourite characters from Transformers. In the movie, he had a couple of cool lines and of course, the ‘helix jump’ while shooting at decepticons (was it Brawl or Blackout?) I like the fact that he keeps his guns on the ready and his alt mode looks good too (the all black topkick (?) truck / SUV). I didn’t really like the look Voyager class at the time, and there was no deluxe either. This Ironhide is red in colour, a tribute/ homage to his colour from the ol’transformers days. On to the review…


Alt mode:

Ironhide is a GMC Topkick Truck. In the legend class, you can see his guns and his arms on the flatbed part of the truck. There’s a scoop’ on the underbelly that’s part of the bot mode but looks weird in the alt mode. Can’t complain much about the alt mode given that its legend class.

Ironhide alt mode


The 360…

Ironhide alt mode 360 view

ironhide alt mode more angles

ironhide alt top down view



Being legend class, its easy enough. Most (if not all) of Ironhide’s articulation is thanks to the transformation joints.


Bot Mode:

Ironhide stands tall and wide in his bot mode, guns at the ready. However, thanks to the lack of articulation, there’s pretty much nothing he can do except stand there. The eyes are painted a nice blue. Thanks to the dark plastic for the face, the detailing is lost, not that its visible given the size of the head.

ironhide bot mode head

ironhide bot mode 360 view

ironhide bot mode 2


In conclusion…

This Ironhide comes with his Movie mold and G1 colours. This attempt to straddle both worlds might not work for all, but I was looking to add an Ironhide to my collection and this legend class seemed the only one that fitted in at the time (The deluxe wasn’t out then) I’d probably still hesitate to get the deluxe because of the scale issue with the other carformers. Scale, of course, does not apply to legend class 🙂